Monday, June 1, 2009

The Art of Leon Loucheur

The process of exploration and discovery is central to Leon Loucheur's approach to painting.  A self taught artist who made his first brush painting at the age of 27, Leon developed his skills through sheer experimentation, nurturing a fluency in many different styles and techniques of painting, until what started as wild arc of style exploration began to tighten, like a spiral winding inward, until the influences married into something seamless, vital and forward moving. At the heart of Leon’s work is a love of story telling, ranging from the simple and gestural, to more highly layered narratives, branching out in multiplicities of meaning; it all is born from the word, the prose of images. His work is frequently focused on exploring relationships of polarities, light and dark, order and chaos, rough abstraction and highly rendered forms, nature and urban decay. He enjoys trying to find balance in seemingly incompatible elements, to make them harmonize, each giving credence to the other, as they do in life.

Leon lives in San Francisco, California, and often collaborates with friend Mike Gallegos under the name Chamber Made. All paintings are done in acylic and other mixed media.